Programme services and nature excursions

  • Eräpaimen Oy.
    Versatile programme and wilderness services throughout the year: Luostarivaellus® hiking and church-boat trips in the summer, snowshoe hiking and skiing in the winter. Fishing and hunting services also available. Facilities for groups: hut for 35 people, smoke sauna and cabin accommodation for a maximum of 15 people.

  • Nature excursion guide Riitta Abraham.
    Guided canoeing and hiking trips, with the necessary supporting services, to the national park of Kolovesi and the Heinävesi water route. Programmes also for groups with special needs.

  • Simanalan Jokimelojat ry.
    Guided canoeing and hiking trips on the Ulpukka route and the Majavapolku trail in accordance with the hopes and wishes of the customer. Our services have been designed to also suit groups with special needs.

  • Salmonoid Activity.
    Full service fishing programmes and fly-fishing courses for corporate customers. The programmes and courses are largely held at selected white water sites.

  • Dörte’s Holiday Service.
    Guide services to cultural sites in Savonlinna and the Kolovesi region. Travel services for German speaking groups as a speciality.

  • Kolovesi Retkeily Canoe Outfitters Co.
    A paddling holiday specialist. Self-guided and guided canoeing and kayaking trips in the national park of Kolovesi and on the Seal Trail®.

  • Kuopion Roll Risteilyt Oy.
    A variety of cruises on traditional lake boats in Savonlinna, Kuopio and on the Heinävesi water route.

  • Pääskyvuori downhill skiing centre.
    A full-service downhill skiing centre in the Kolovesi region.



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