Ski Trails

In the wintertime skiers in the Kolovesi region are spoilt with an excellently maintained skiing trail. The ski trails in the vicinity of villages are usually lit. There are huts and shelters along or at the end of most of the ski trails, where you may light a fire and enjoy a packed lunch or provisions. In Heinävesi, you may make a choice between the 17 kilometre Kerma ski trail starting from the main village or the 17.5 kilometre Luostarivaellus® ski trail connecting Valamo with Lintula and the village of Karvio. As soon as the ice conditions permit a trail across Lake Kermajärvi, from Karvio to the main village of Heinävesi, is also opened up. Lit ski trails are also to be found in the vicinity of Valamo monastery and the surroundings of the Pääskyvuori downhill skiing centre.

In Enonkoski the Pirttiniemi ski trail network and the Ylä-Enovesi ice ski trail are in the immediate vicinity of the main village. The Pirttiniemi trail is lit. In the winter the Ylä-Enovesi ice trail is connected to the Simanala route, establishing a circuit of over twenty kilometres in length. In Savonranta a twelve kilometre skiing trail starts off from the grounds of the education and training centre. In addition to this, a new ski trail network connecting the main village of Savonranta with the Lekotti downhill skiing slope and the Sönkkä village school further on was completed in the autumn of 2003.



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